Mesoamerican Culture, History, and Religion


The Aztecs and their ancestors had a long and rich history in the Anahuac valley before the arrival of the Europeans. When the Conquistadores arrived, their world was shaken to its foundations, but the record of their struggles was not lost. Though the Empire has fallen, the voices of the Aztecs and the other peoples of Mesoamerica have not been silenced, and several million of their descendants survive to speak today from all corners of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and beyond (over six million native speakers of indigenous languages in Mexico alone, according to a 2005 census).  This section houses books and articles tracing the lives and times of the Mexica-Tenochca and their neighbors, starting with the earliest documentation of their humble nomadic beginnings through to the modern day.


Pre-Conquest History

First Contact & Conquest Era History

Post-Conquest Colonial History

Post-Colonial Modern History

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