Mesoamerican Culture, History, and Religion

Post-Conquest Colonial History

Here you will find material about the events of the Colonial period in Mexico. It’s a controversial, painful era that’s recently begun to be re-evaluated due to the growing sensitivity to the perspectives of those who were conquered and the move away from ethnocentrism in scholarship.

Index of Pre-Twentieth Century Works

Coming soon.

Index of Current Works

Language and Empire: The Vision of Nebrija

1995/1996 journal article by Zhenja La Rosa of Loyola University at New Orleans on the subject of the Spaniards’ use of language to colonize the peoples of Mesoamerica.  Covers both the Conquest and the first century of the Colonial period. A concise, helpful overview of the situation, with special attention given to the role of language in destroying the native religious traditions and replacing them with Catholicism.

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